The Nozbone Skateboard Boutique in Paris, France is set to unveil its latest creation from skaters, artists, and lovers of the Parisian streets Mike Kershnar and Supe FMK.

California-born Mike Kershnar is a lifelong skateboarder, wilderness enthusiast, and thrill-seeker. Supe FMK, a Parisian suburbanite, is a lifelong graffiti artist, linguist, and connoisseur of existence. The duo shares an energy to create, and adventures into bold clean lines and colors using the analog tradition of Tom Penny.

The show at Nozbone highlights these aspects of their friendship, and features guest film photographs of an inspirational circle of worldwide cameos from Jason Jessee, Evan Smith, Grant Taylor, Bad Shit, Chris Blake, Jake Johnson, Tyler Pacheco, Eli Williams, Chico Brenes, Mkue, Piper, Vegan, Lydia Fong, Ethan Loy, Luidgi Gaydu, and Les Blobys at locations such as San Francisco, The Nude Bowl, the Lakota Nation, The Sequoia Mountains, and Paris.

Check out the project at Nozbone Skateboard Boutique tonight, at 7pm.