Street Art

Mark Jenkins: Street Sculpture Surprises In Lodz, Poland

November 13, 2017

Mark Jenkins recently installed a series of 6 new sculptural pieces throughout the Polish city of Lodz, as part of the ongoing Lodz Murals project. Continuing his efforts to create interventions that use the streets as stage for his work, the eerie characters crated some buzz around Poland's former industrial center.

Lodz Murals is turning their hometown into an open, permanent gallery of large-format paintings and installations within the urban space in the center of the city. With over 50 murals painted by leading street artists from around the world, the curator Michał Bieżyński recently started inviting artists that are working in other mediums to contribute to the project. After Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Washington, Montreal, Rome, London, Barcelona and Dublin, Jenkins placed his ephemeral urban installation through Lodz, cleverly interacting with the city architecture and its inhabitants. The works "move, intervene in human emotions, cause us to look around more closely, to pay attention to others, not to pass the people indifferently."

The new series of works are temporary and depending on weather conditions and external factors, they are expected to be exhibited between 1-2 months. —Sasha Bogojev