Our good friend Lucy McLauchlan has been busy recently with a new mural in Leytonstone in East London that features her elegant abstractions that always make her one of the unique mural artists when she gets a chance to get a new wall. McLauchlan has long excelled at monochromatic works (she was featured in our Black & White book), often citing nature and the natural markings presented in our environment. This particular new work hints earth tones with hues of yellow and wonderfully abstract patterns that blend in so well with the stone wall (and for that matter, the neighborhood it sits in). 

"I tend to approach a wall by firstly understanding it’s situation within it’s surrounding area," McLauchlan told us. "This leads my painting to a collaboration in a sense, with the wall and it’s environment. This is part of the reason why I don’t make a pre-sketch but allow a spontaneous approach to guide my brush marks as they grow across the surface.

"Up close to the wall you can see all the hidden colours in the otherwise grey appearance of the pebbledash. I picked out the peachy pebbles, breaking away form my usual monotone pieces, adding what the paint tin calls ‘Cuban Punch’."

All photos by George Mapp