Street Art

Los Murals Hablan Festival Underway

October 09, 2012

Los Murals Hablan translated in English to The Talking Walls, is in full swing in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The mural festival started on October 4, 2012 and has brought international street artists Sego, Aryz, Jaz, Roa, Ever, Neuzz, and a hoard of local artists together to decorate local walls. Here are photos of some of the progress that has been made, finished photos to come.


jux_los_murals_hablan5 jux_los_murals_hablan4 jux_los_murals_hablan8 jux_los_murals_hablan1 jux_los_murals_hablan2 jux_los_murals_hablan3 jux_los_murals_hablan9 jux_los_murals_hablan6 jux_los_murals_hablan10 All photos via 1dayrobot