Street Art

Lori Zimmer Chronicles The Roots of Graffiti and Modern Techniques

June 29, 2017

Lori Zimmer is a writer and curator who has evolved along side the public art/graffiti community. She is also the founder of the popular blog Art Nerd New York. In her latest book, The Art of Spray Paint: Inspirations and Techniques from Masters of Aerosol, Zimmer takes a deeper dive into graffiti and street art.

The book is divided up into seven chapters schooling us on everything from the roots of graffiti to the modern day art making techniques using spray paint. The book is jam-packed with old school kings like Crash, stencil master Logan Hicks, street artist Nick Walker, modern heavy hitters like Tristan Eaton, Conor Harrington, and many others. There are some great DIY tricks to fine-tune your spray skills.This book can be purchased directly from the publisher here ––Iqvinder Singh