Street Art

Coffee, Cig and iPhone Check-In: Lonac in Portugal

October 03, 2017

Croatian artist Lonac is steadily continuing conquering the world with his awe inspiring murals he's been producing lately. Recently he spent a week in Leiria, in central Portugal, working on this large piece for the local Arte Publica project.

"Vices" depicts a young woman enjoying the morning ritual that many can identify with—having a cigarette, cup of coffee, checking her phone. Accenting his love for fine art, the image hides lots of classic painterly elements, notable light effect or drapes, which the artist often incorporates in his urban works. In this particular composition, the light is what makes the image so striking and well balanced—from the morning sun light on the girls face, the glint in her hair, to the phone screen glow in her hand. Sensibly using spraypaint  to soften the image, Lonac created a striking piece which correlates with it's plain background, blending it smoothly with the Portuguese suburban environment.—Sasha Bogojev

Photo credit by Silkfatblues Photo & Videography