Back in August 2016, Liqen was invited to Kassel in Germany to participate in the local "KolorCubes" public space project. During his stay Spanish artist produced one of his intricate drawing-like murals titled "La Ceguera (The Blindness)".

As a fan of tradition and the way things were done in the past, Liqen took his time to create this surreal large-scale illustration using only acrylic paint and brush. Addressing the concept of human progression and development, the image depicts a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with concrete blocks carrying technology elements. Minimizing humans to merely naked, headless bodies pushing those large heavy slabs around the plain ground, Liqen is commenting the insignificance of the people in the modern age of technology. Highly detailed and beautifully rendered in black and white, the image hides numerous details that represent the heavy industry, communication, corporation or pollution issues, as well as redundancy of humans. Different in sizes and going in every direction without any order or concept, the blocks are clashing with each other further scaring the lifeless Earth's surface where even rats and pigeons carcasses are scattered around. —Sasha Bogojev