Back in June this year, past featured artist Liqen spent couple of weeks in Munich working with Positive Propaganda  on his latest large street piece. Origenes/Origen is quadriptych piece that the Spanish artist created without a sketch, based on an inspiration he found at the location itself.

Like often with Liqen's work, this piece is focused on the ways that technology and its advantages can affect and disturb our life. Shown through his surreal, acid-like filter, the four separate images are filled with symbols and metaphors that represent situations and events many can identify with. All done freehand, without any technical tools other than a brush and paint, this piece is celebrating the hands-on approach to painting on conceptual level. True to this philosophy in every aspect of his creative expression, this work was a perfect match for Positive Propaganda's efforts to reduce the visual impact and growth of advertising in the city.

Inspired by the state of the location when he first saw it, covered in litter from local partygoers, Liqen wanted to use this location to fight the pillars of modern world—digitization—while pointing out the side effects of hyper-consumerism and globalization. Through his composition, he included elements that speak of waste, pollution, but even more, of desolation and distance caused by the virtual world: giant ants cleaning out the rubbish, animals becoming technological-hybrids, grim reapers coming out of soda cans and humans and their emotions being trapped inside their beloved gadgets. —Sasha Bogojev

Photo credit by artist and Johanes/@positivepropaganda