Street Art

Leonard Cohen Mural by El Mac in Montreal

November 09, 2017

El Mac recently spent some time in Montreal, Quebec, working on this large masterpiece produced by MU with the support of local organizations. Created by the LA-based artist and Gene Pendon, with the assistance of Arno GL and many young assistants, this large than life portrait of Leonard Cohen is MU's 100th mural and a part of their Montreal’s Great Artists collection.

This project is aiming to recognize the tremendous contribution that Montreal’s creatives made to a variety of artistic disciplines. Including artists who were born in Montreal, as well as adoptive Montrealers, this series matching their primary goal to transform Montreal's public spaces through creation of public artworks that are rooted in local communities. In their efforts to pay tribute to individuals whose work has been influential locally, nationally, and internationally, they recently revealed this larger than life portrait of late Leonard Cohen, based on a photo taken by Lorca Cohen in 2008.

Depicted through El Mac's unique aesthetic that is utilizing the spray paint technique in a recognizable and peculiar way, this subtle rendering of legendary Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, poet, novelist, and painter was completed after 10 weeks of work, 350 litres of paint and 240 cans of spray paint. Adding to the poetic feel of this important work, the artist added subtle red accents around Cohen's heart, corresponding to his touching, deep and timeless poetry. The new 11,000 square feet landmark of the city was inaugurated on 8th of November, on 375th anniversary of the metropolis and 1st year anniversary of Cohen's death. —Sasha Bogojev

Photo credits by Olivier Bousquet & Eric Heights