Street Art

Large New Murals by Rustam Qbic in Moscow

December 19, 2016

Rustam Qbic spent the last few months painting two new murals in Moscow. Working eight hour shifts between August and October and then all of November, he finally wrapped up his biggest piece to date titled "Neighbours," along with another one titled "Mood".

Hired by a local real estate company, Kazan, the artist faced the difficult task of covering the facade of an abandoned factory with one of his dreamy visual narratives. For this particular piece he picked an image of two boys exchanging letters/paper birds. Covering an impressive 2,100 square meters, the piece symbolizes the power and importance of interaction and communication no matter the distance. Using almost same amount of detail as he does in his drawings or paintings, the finished mural is truly an impressive piece of work. Painting two walls of the building, Qbic wrapped his work around the surface, giving the mural a sense of dimension that the inhabitants of a new residential building nearby will enjoy daily. Quite smaller and a bit simpler, "Mood" is an image of a girl drawing clouds in the sky. Through this playful image the artist wanted to express his belief that one can improve his or her surrounding with thea power of will and mood. No matter what the circumstances are, the right state of mind can find the best out of any situation. Just as Rustam manages to get the best out of walls he has the chance to paint. —Sasha Bogojev