Street Art

Judith Supine x Jesse Hazelip

October 27, 2012

Earlier this week, we posted news of Judith Supine’s work popping up around the streets of Brooklyn, something we hadn’t seen in some time.  Now, a number of Supine’s wheatpastes with the illustration work of Jesse Hazelip have found their way outside as well. The additional layering of cholo style tattoos on Supine’s characters makes for a completely different result, plenty more menacing! If you want to see them in person, we suggest walking through the streets of Williamsburg and look for the fluorescent green, not hard to miss.


jux_supine_hazelip6 jux_supine_hazelip1 jux_supine_hazelip2 jux_supine_hazelip3 jux_supine_hazelip5