This past weekend, on Sunday, October 8th, marked the last day for JR's most recent large installation, Kikito, placed on the United States-Mexico border near Tecate. To celebrate the success of the project, that got covered in most major media worldwide, including us, and to further extend the idea behind the piece, the artist invited his friends, coworkers and locals to come celebrate together with a picnic.

Set right underneath the 65-foot-tall photographic installation of a little boy peeking over the border fence, a gigantic picnic table had Jr's signature eye image printed on it. Celebrating unity and tolerance, the visitors shared the same meals and drinks that were cooked and prepared on both sides of the border and served to everyone regardless of the side they were on. The one-day installation included a live "banda," which was also split in half, on either side of the fence, defying the ongoing politic rhetoric with joy, happiness and open mindedness.

Best visible from above, the vibrant and festive event was captured by the guys from Chop 'Em Down Films.