Street Art

Invader's “Hello My Game Is…” @ The Musée en Herbe, Paris

Jan 26, 2017 - Sep 03, 2017Musée en Herbe, Paris

From January 26th all the way until September 3rd, 2017, the Musée en Herbe will be turned into a pixelated playground of the elusive French artist, Invader. More than 6 years since his last Paris show, the notorious artist will be introducing a new exhibition tailored & made for children and play.

The name of the show is coming from the famous nametags “Hello my name is…”, but with a twist that is inviting the public to explore the work and play with it. Often drawing inspiration from the world of childhood, and building his artistic career on the "childish" idea of " invading the world" with video game characters, Paris-based artist created a journey through his universe with more than a hundred new works for this showcase. Young visitors and their parents will have the chance to enjoy arcade games, a large interactive map of the world, works made of Rubik’s cubes, a magnets wall, and many more installations that will enable children to truly interact and play with the artwork. From very large ‘rubikcubist’ painting of Peter Pan, the child who never wanted to grow up, to replicas of popular cartoons or game characters familiar to kids, the exposition will be accompanied by catalog that is an activity book, following the concept of the exhibition both in the sense of setting and in the subject of some works. —Sasha Bogojev

(Photo credits by Invader/Musée en Herbe)