Street Art

"Intermission" @ Thission lofts in Greece

November 29, 2013

A few weeks ago, Greek artists, Alexandros Vasmoulakis and b, invited an all-star cast of artists to participate in a group exhibition entitled “Intermission” held in an industrial building in Greece. In order to redefine the nature of events that have led this planet to it’s current condition, artists Paul Insect, Bast, Rostarr and Saber, literally took an “Intermission” from current sociopolitical issues to offer new perspectives for an optimistic future. The exhibition featured all new works from each of the artists, displaying a eclectic mix of distinct, refined aesthetics."

"The state of intermission determines our position in the present, as we reflect on our past and speculate the future. It is a pause from the constant flow of time and the conflicts that we face in an individual and collective level. During an intermediate stage we observe our actions and contemplate with ourselves, while we stimulate our critical thinking. Inspired by this idea of intermission, the artists present works that comment on the contemporary urban life and the power relations that dominate in all the social classes."

Photos via Intermission