INO recently spent some time in Kiev, working on 2 large murals for the Art United Us project curated by by Iryna Kanishcheva and Geo Leros. This large project aims to promote maintaining the peace on Earth by inviting 200 artists to paint 200 walls in Kiev and around the globe during the next few years.

Visiting a country that is going through massive political and economical changes and it only got out of an armed conflict, the Greek artist painted 2 works strongly relating the these events. His black and white images, accented with splash of vibrant color, blend nicely with the distinctive eastern bloc architecture of Ukrainian capital. The first mural, "Instability", represents the fragile and uncertain situation that the country is in. Depicted through a ballerina balancing on a bomb, the clash between the delicate thin legs against the round and heavy bomb creates tension that the artist could experience during his visit. The second mural, "The Entrepreneur", depicts a businessman holding a working class person's hand. The image is referencing to Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" as well as represents the dependence of big businesses on the working class. —Sasha Bogojev