Street Art


September 26, 2012

Often when traveling to unknown lands, in this case Johannesburg, one can create certain expectations in their head and discover the exact opposite. After a few days running around, are initial skepticism of Joburg has been revoked and anything but negative. Aside from countless memorable adventures from our hospitable hosts and curators of the event, /ANDPEOPLE, we have witnessed two massive murals by ESPO and ROA come to completion. ESPO and his ICY signs crew painted a monster block letter spelling “Stay Up” in the middle of a busy intersection, while ROA stacked a mixture of animals sleeping from top to bottom of a very tall building. We have witnessed first hand the positive reaction from countless locals in the form of wide smiles and thumbs up.


Photos and text by Juxtapoz editor: Austin McManus



adidas Originals presents ‘I ART JOBURG,’ a month long project curated by /ANDPEOPLE that introduces five world renowned street and fine artists to the heart of Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg’s central art district. Here they will be painting large-scale murals across the area over the month of September.


Artists Remed (Madrid), Steve ‘ESPO’ Powers (New York), ROA (Belgium) as well as local artists Falko (Cape Town) and Cameron Platter (Durban) will headline the project alongside legendary street culture photographer Martha Cooper (New York) who will collaborate with each artist, documenting the month long process.


More info about the project at their website.


jux_theflopbox_joburg12 jux_theflopbox_joburg11 jux_theflopbox_joburg6 jux_theflopbox_joburg5 jux_theflopbox_joburg17 jux_theflopbox_joburg7 jux_theflopbox_joburg2 jux_theflopbox_joburg4 jux_theflopbox_joburg1 Walking on the freeway to get a better perspective... jux_theflopbox_joburg3 Better perspective... jux_theflopbox_joburg8 ESPO freeway loungin.. jux_theflopbox_joburg9 jux_theflopbox_joburg19 jux_theflopbox_joburg26 jux_theflopbox_joburg27 Martha Cooper jux_theflopbox_joburg16 jux_theflopbox_joburg23 ROA finished jux_theflopbox_joburg24 Mookie assiting ROA.. jux_theflopbox_joburg18 jux_theflopbox_joburg22 jux_theflopbox_joburg21 jux_theflopbox_joburg20 jux_theflopbox_joburg13