Our friends at Nuart have continued the programming for their 2021 Nuart Aberdeen project in Scotland with a massive standout work by Helen Bur. After her work she did the town centre in 2019, Bur was back with an intricate work that maybe her most powerful to date. 

From the Nuart team: A British-born and currently London-based artist, Bur has made her name in perfecting the mesmerising depth of figurative oil work on canvas, then transferring those techniques to urban settings, using emulsion on a vastly larger scale.

As for her subjects, Bur chooses to present figures captured in snapshots of their lives – unexplained moments of oddity and curiosity, sometimes unsettling, others farcical – that focus in on the moment, the reaction to it and a sense of mystery without context.

Bur's piece can be found on Union Wynd, and stands tall at over 16 meters high, a mammoth final flourish for Nuart Aberdeen Summer 2021.