There is always comfort in being greeted by a Space Invader work somewhere on a building in seemingly any city where I have traveled. He's found the perfect nooks and corners everywhere,  creating a special and distinctly urban experience for locals and visitors to savor. The mosaic tile works are beyond iconic in considering the history of street art, as the French artist continues to  actively plan "invasions" around the world. 

By now you may know the backstory: a Parisian artist takes the aesthetic of 8-bit video games and creates mosaic tiles he calls "Aliases", installs them around a city, and transforms a public space into his own game of sorts. He has put thousands of works around the world, over 3500 at our last count. And yet we don't often get a chance to talk just about his studio and gallery practice, which will be on display at Over the Influence, Hong Kong in Hanging / Hong Kong / 2020 a solo exhibition of new Alias and Rubikcubist works. 

This particular showing will see Invader create a series of "RubikMasterpieces," works based on great masterworks from throughout history done in his signature styles. For this show, Invader will take on the likes of Paul Gaugin, Vincent Van Gogh, and Édouard Manet, as well as present a series of his classic Aliases, all works that are unique replicas of the mosaics made on the streets. —Evan Pricco