Street Art

"Glitter" by Daniel Muñoz in Cáceres, Spain

May 03, 2017

Daniel Muñoz recently took part in Muro Critico (Critical wall), a project that aims to bring urban art closer to the people of the mostly rural province of Cáceres in Spain. The main idea was to produce a mural in each village of the region, inspired and addressing common social issues.

The Spanish artist recently completed this curious intervention in Pozuelo de Zarzón, commenting on censorship and the monopoly of power. Consisting of seemingly unrelated elements, the artist's idea was to trigger critical thinking through his work. The images that form the piece create relations which highlight the way we perceive things. Using the surrounding structures as part of the piece, the upper part of the work, visible from distance, shows a beautiful ornamental frame without a particular image. Aiming to distract our attention, it clashes with the lower image visible only after the viewer puts some effort to discover it. This section includes two measurement tools, a caliber and a color temperature chart, and a column of comments, symbolizing analysis and participatory dynamics in today's world. The interaction of this part and the structures surrounding the piece represent censorship and freedom of opinion, often endangered in modern times. While the piece looks decorative and beautiful from distance, its conceptual content and ideas reveal behind the physical "censorship".

—Sasha Bogojev