Street Art

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

June 20, 2012

Officially opening on June 29, 2012, Gardens by the Bay is a horticulture oasis of three massive waterfront landscapes in Singapore’s marina bay in downtown.  With multiple themed areas such as, cooled conservatories, a flower dome and cloud forest, and a supertrees vertical garden, plan to spend an entire day admiring the vast amount of ecelctic greenery.  A standout attraction is the 18 supertrees developed as vertical gardens, exhibiting tropical flowering climbers, epiphytes, and ferns, with the canopies lit at night using projected media.  A must visit while in Singapore!


jux_garden_by_the_Bay1 jux_garden_by_the_Bay5 jux_garden_by_the_Bay6 jux_garden_by_the_Bay7 jux_garden_by_the_Bay9 jux_garden_by_the_Bay10 jux_garden_by_the_Bay11 jux_garden_by_the_Bay12 jux_garden_by_the_Bay13 jux_garden_by_the_Bay14 jux_garden_by_the_Bay15 jux_garden_by_the_Bay2 jux_garden_by_the_Bay3 All photos from Designboom