Only a few weeks after completing the monumental piece in Tehran together with Guido Van Helten, past Juxtapoz cover artist Fintan Magee has finished another impressive mural, this time for Start India in Panjim, Goa, India. Titled Four Men Holding a Roman Column, the piece has the unmistakable feel of classic Magee works, but this time rendered with more attention to the detail without losing his signature expressive painterly technique.

With the color selection that is perfectly matching the clear blue skies of Goa and light effect that elevates the mural above the reality around it, the striking image is talking about the issue of mistreatment of foreign workers: "India has more foreign workers than any other nation," Magee wrote, "with 16 million people living and working outside of the country. While many workers contribute to Health, Technology, Education and other skilled service jobs many others end up in low paid, labor-intensive jobs in the construction industry. In countries on the Arabian peninsula, major projects such as the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah and the World Cup stadiums in Qatar are highly dependant on Indian labor. Many countries have been criticized by human rights groups for their treatment of foreign workers. "

Taking the Roman column as a symbol of wealth, imperial power, as well as Western culture, Magee is showing a direct dependence on import labor from far parts of the globe. Forming a foundation for the monumental structure with their bodies, they carry the whole thing effortlessly, serving as an obvious metaphor for their role in creating the life of Western society. Fully dedicated in both his research and creative process, the Australian artist has created another artwork that clearly speaks for and resonates with the local community, showing his appreciation and a well-deserved spot in the social realist realm. —Sasha Bogojev