Street Art


September 25, 2012

After a sleepless 15 hour flight, we anxiously arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa for the I ART JOBURG project presented by adidas Originals and curated by /ANDPEOPLE. This month long project has brought five international and local artists to create large-scale public murals in the bustling streets surrounding the Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg’s central art district. Steve “ESPO” Powers, Remed, ROA, Falko, and Cameron Platter are participating, while legendary photographer, Martha Cooper, documents the project and collaborates with each artist individually. Over the last couple of days, we have witnessed an immense amount of creative energy, effort, and talent being put into each mural. There has also been no shortage in smiles from the locals, many taking a moment in their daily commute to observe and engage with the artists.


Unfortunately, Remed was leaving as we arrived, but had left behind a number of eye-catching pieces that blended naturally into the sprawling Johannesburg landscape. All the other artists are here, soaking up the cities vibrant culture and working vigilantly to create multiple murals. Stay tuned tomorrow; we will have new daily updates from the streets of Joburg.


Photos and text by Juxtapoz editor : Austin McManus
Roa begins work on his wall with an elephant jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg4 Then a rhinoceros jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg24 jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg27 Remed jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg22 One of Remed's mural jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg23 Cameron Platter jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg2 Falko jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg6 jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg5 More Falko on a roof jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg9 jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg8 jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg3 jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg7 The roof from a distance jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg11 You can't escape these posters. They are absoluetly everywhere. jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg21 Espo jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg12 Espo with a Remed roof in the background jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg1 Mai Mai Market where “traditional healers” offer goods and services jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg13 Faith 47 mural jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg15 local artist Hannelie Coetzee jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg18 jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg16 jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg17 jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg25 Marth Cooper in action documenting the scene jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg20 Espo's shirt "A business with no sign is a sign of no business" jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg14 Joburg density jux_theflopbox_iartjoburg19