Street Art

Escif For "Snacks" Group Show @ Powerstation of Art in Shanghai

Jul 16, 2016 - Oct 16, 2016Power Station, Shanghai

Invited by the Power Station of Art museum in Shanghai to participate in their large group showing "Snacks", former cover artist Escif used this opportunity to test some new concepts. The exhibition converges unusual thinking, experiments, experiences from different places and different lifestyles, which inspired him to paint a large conceptual piece for the event.

Working primarily in the street, Escif usually creates work that is in dialog with everyday people. This kind of work gets analyzed or criticized by the by passers and they eventually evaluate it as art. On other hand, the work shown in a museum is by default treated and seen as art, so Valencia-born artist wanted to question this premise with his piece. He painted a large mural that is simply a large version of a fire plan that can be found everywhere around the museum. The artist's idea was to extract life from the museum itself and by exhibiting it inside the institution, revalue it as art. Always innovative and up for trying fresh ideas, Escif once again shown his ability to see things from a different angle and push the boundaries of street art and/or institutionalized art. The exhibition that includes work by 39 international and local artist will stay on view until October 16th. —Sasha Bogojev