Last month, Italian street artist Eron completed what may be one of the largest street art interventions ever created, a 1000 square meter mural in Milan, Italy titled W.A.L.L. (Walls Are Love's Limits). Transforming a large dividing structure into a monument against walls, the work has a profound conceptual note aside of its strong visual impact.

Timed with the MiArt Contemporary Art Fair, the piece was introduced inside the new CityLife public park in Milan this past Spring. Created freehand by the artist, who is most known for his exceptional spray painting skills, the work depicts a refined, poetic landscape, with delicate shades of sun-drenched fog providing a striking effect. Upon closer inspection, the beautiful landscape is actually behind a dense barbed-wire fence more than a half mile long, with its thorns spelling the names of five continents.

The barbed wire image partially dissolves during sunlight in a heart shaped glow, neutralizing its notion both visually and symbolically. Presenting the great division between the parts of the world, Eron has been repeatedly addressing the issue of global refugee crisis in his most recent works. Placed within the buildings designed by the likes of Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Daniel Libeskind, not far from Milan's city center, the work itself is an example of how global connectivity can result in great results. This monumental work will be demolished (the artist's decision) in about 2 years, symbolizing the final part of its fight against walls and barriers worldwide. —Sasha Bogojev