Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic recently took a quick trip from his hometown of Penang in Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur to create a new large street intervention titled "Rage Against The Machine". Self funded and organized, the piece was something that he had been planning for a long time.

Continuing his recognizable body of work that feature kids at play, this particular piece seems to be carrying a bit heavier message behind. Using the effective technique of mixing wall painting, cut out panels and 3D elements, this semi-sculptural mural depicts children destroying a school bus. With recent protest taking place on the streets of Malaysia's capital, it seems like the timing for this work wasn't accidental. The children beating the yellow bus with chairs and brooms, might well be representing the thousands of people wearing yellow T-shirts, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak as well as reform and clean up Malaysia's electoral process. Each of the kids are realistically painted after artist's own photographs, and than mounted on the actual side of a school bus that the artist had to source for this work. The finished piece located @ Jalan Sultan in Kuala Lumpur features subtle details such a refreshing drink in a plastic bag resting on the side of the bus, and is completed with a large fire/smoke painted on the wall of a building it's attached to. —Sasha Bogojev