Coinciding with his exhibition "Potente di Fuoco" (Powerful Fire) at The Time Museum of Besançon, Ericailcane recently painted a new mural in partnership with Bien Urbain. Both the museum show and the mural are continuing the Italian artist's signature body of work that features members of the animal kingdom exposing the contemporary world of humans.

The show is built around the idea of the artist re-creating his childhood drawings with his artistic skills and adult view on life. The painted mural accompanying the show is a classic Ericailcane piece commenting on current political and social issues using animals. The subtly engaging image depicts two sheep - the white one behind a white fence, with legs trapped in barbed wire and surrounded by little white tanks, and the black one helping her out while hiding pincers behind its back. The tool has a text saying "Le droit de vivre ne se mendie pas, il se prend" (You don't beg for the right to live, you take it), a revolutionary quote by French anarchist illegalist Alexandre Marius Jacob, suggesting the need to fight for your freedom and not wait for it to be given.––Sasha Bogojev

Mural photo credit by Élisa Murcia-Artengo