Street Art

Ella & Pitr's New Giant Mural on a Dam in France

September 13, 2017

After painting some massive scale works over the years, which culminated with the world's largest outdoor mural at Nuart 2015, Ella & Pitr recently wrapped up another gigantic piece. Their new giant titled Le Naufrage de Bienvenu (The Sinking of Welcome), is over 47 meters high and it covers the central part of the Piney's dam, located in the Valley of the Gier in Loire, France. 

The dynamic art duo spent 10 days literally hanging in the air and painting this impressive piece. Often focusing their work on social issues, the image depicts a lonely refugee cramped in the passage between two hills. Wearing a recognizable orange life jacket, (the symbol of the "humanity crisis," a tern coined by Ai Wei Wei), the character is holding a picture of the same dam he is painted on. The entire piece is about the struggle of people that are running away from their homes in search for safety and freedom. Sadly, this struggle often doesn't end once they reach the place they were dreaming of, and this is further accented in the title of the work.––Sasha Bogojev