Street Art

Elian Chali's Anamorphic Installation in Valencia, Spain

June 08, 2018

The Argentinian master of graphic illusion and minimalist abstraction, Elian Chali recently painted another witty intervention on the building of the Universitat Politecnica of Valencia, Spain. Invited to the city by Polinizadores Festival, curated by Juan Peiro, "Els rojos i els blaus" is a minimalist intervention that is visually complementing the "no parking" sign in front of it.

As a landmark piece in his artistic evolution, this particular work marks a slight shift for the artist towards more minimalistic artworks, starting subtle and detailed dialogues with the urban environment. The contrasting blue and red used as the main tones in the work produce a strong vibrancy, which also creates a sense of depth in the work. Aside from the obvious floating effect of the blue figure and the transparent square, the image is also playing with highlighting the architectural lines through the transformation of the white surface to red. Aside from matching the limited palette with the sign placed in front of the building, the color choice is referencing the Trinquete court inside of the building, where players are wearing blue or red sports jerseys. Through such approach of negating the architectural elements, breaking the scale, and communicating with both indoors and outdoors, Chali is creating a specific dialog about the public space. —Sasha Bogojev