Street Art

Doodles @ Open Walls Baltimore

April 26, 2012

Doodles just sent over some process and completed photos of the wall he worked on for the Open Walls Baltimore project that is going on through the end of May.  As the artist explained, “This piece is about the Earth being healed. Healed from the wound that civilization has created through industrialized practices.  In the center of the earthen hands is a city on fire. The hands of the cosmos are extinguishing the fire/ healing the wounded earth.”  We love the detail with this particular piece, especially the cluster of buildings burning amongst the lush green landscape.  If you would like to see the mural in person, head on over to 1539 N Calver st in Baltimore.  For more information on other murals being painted for this project, check out the Open Walls Baltimore's website.


jux_doodles1 jux_doodles2 jux_doodles4 jux_doodles6 jux_doodles7