Street Art

Diptych mural by Borondo in Tetuán, Madrid

December 30, 2013

Borondo has newly painted a beautiful diptych mural of two figures with their arms crossed behind their backs in Tetuán, Madrid. Having in the past been described as a figurative impressionism style, his painterly esthetic exudes rich emotion and intensity.


Borondo’s thoughts on this piece translated from Spanish:


“During my years of living in Madrid city hall I imposed a fine of 3000 euros for a mural on the facade of a busy in less than a month was demolished house. Three years after the Madrid City Council contact me again , in this case offering great opportunity to pay me a similar change of a mural inside the project " Landscape Tetuan" amount .”

“It does not take a genius to realize that for a few years and facilitating repression of unchecked police powers come to be one of the characteristic features of the Spanish state capital . After witnessing several truly grotesque scenes caused by the forces of authority and knowing new laws proposed by the government just make encourage the abuse of power, I decided to dedicate this mural to its sponsor , the city of Madrid, and as it was then reflect my feelings about it .. So from my point of view load behind the Madrid city.”

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