Street Art

Daniel Muñoz Highlights The Relation Between Art and Information in Cáceres, Spain

June 19, 2017

Daniel Muñoz recently participated in "Cáceres Abierto" in Cáceres, Spain, matching his mural with the project's efforts to integrate public interventions, as well as initiate exhibitions, debates and workshops that promote dialogue and civil participation. The result is a striking mural simply titled "Quisiera subrayar" (I would like to highlight).

Painted with acrylic on a facade of a local old building, this 14x8m piece aims to question the public space for art in the city he was born in. As a medieval-renaissance city, Cáceres is a popular tourist destination and its landmarks are often in contrast with visual pollution created by touristic adds, fliers and posters. In his intervention Muñoz replaces both the texts and the images of these homemade posters with symbolic information, making a thought provoking parallel with their usual content ( tarot, yoga courses, offers of African shamans, plumbing, etc). With this effective piece, Spanish artist wanted to establish a set of concerns and challenges of art in public space - relationship with citizens, its monumental power, access and exposure to images, the contemplative versus the informative nature of the work, as well as question the frontiers of individual speech. —Sasha Bogojev