Daan Botlek was recently invited by the Rotterdam Make it Happen initiative to create an interactive wall piece that would invite people to actively become part of the artwork. The result is another ingenious intervention by one of our favorite Dutchman, featuring his faceless characters climbing up a 6 story building in the center of his hometown. If you remember, we had Daan Botlek in our Juxtapoz show at Urban Nation in Berlin, What In the World.

The project was started back in 2014, when various Rotterdam-based institutions joined efforts to put Rotterdam even more firmly on the map, attract locals, companies, students and visitors, and inspire them to get involved in the city. The idea was to launch a joint profile under a motto ‘Make it Happen’, reflecting the typical Rotterdam mentality. The title as well as the produced work were meant to show what the city, the port and its inhabitants stand for - pioneering, pushing boundaries and practicing a no-nonsense approach. Matching such progressive and inventive mentality, Botlek was one of the first artists who was involved to participate in the project. His concept was to paint a recognizable stack of signature humanoid characters, and incorporate iron bars, steps that follow the image. Such piece invites the observers to interact with it and become an essential part of the work by climbing and exploring it. The piece was the 2nd one produced for the #MakeItHappen initiative with 7 other walls coming soon. —Sasha Bogojev

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