Street Art

Crush Walls 2018: Laurence Vallières

August 17, 2018

As we get closer to Crush Walls (Sep 3-9) in Denver, CO, we will be highlighting some of the invited artists who will be participating in the festival. Today, we take a look at the work of Canadian artist Laurence Vallières! 

Born in Québec city, Laurence Vallières is famous for her large-scale cardboard sculptures. Often displayed overhanging buildings, her work took a turn after an artist residency in Russia where she appropriated the street art influence. Today, the Canadian artist is recognized internationally for her life-like animal sculptures expressing, with the most disposable material, the impermanence and fragility of nature. Her work is featured around the world, most notably in Berlin, London, Madrid, Hawaii, Miami, Montreal and South Korea.

What were the earliest things you remember creating? When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist?
Laurence Vallières: I remember playing in the clay at the bottom of a lake. I would pick it up make it dry a bit and make masks and little things. I was a sculpture already.

Do you feel like you have to do something creative every day? What is the most rewarding aspect of creating art?
I do feel like creating a new object every day. I leave the studio having made something new almost every day. The most rewarding aspect of my work is seeing the work taking shape. I like the moment where I can see the movement of the piece but not quite the finished product yet.

If money was no issue, what is your dream project?
I would like to partner with an architect. I would like to create a building with the shapes and the movements that I put in my sculptures. It would be wild.


As part of the festival, we will be bringing the Juxtapoz Clubhouse with a specially-curated group of artists during the week-long celebration!

Join us for the Crush Walls Opening Party on September 4th, from 7PM to 10PM.