If you're curious about Berlin's mind-tingling urban spots, come closer. Our friends from Urban Spree recently opened a debut exhibition of Cpt.Olf's breathtaking photography that explores the German capital's most extreme pixação action. This presentation, entitled Paradox x CPT.OLF 16-19 features never before seen images shot from problematic vantage points during the photographer's four-year journey with Paradox, Berlin's most secretive pixação writer and urban climber.

In times when the graffiti world sets new standards for illegal expression, Berliners lead the way, capturing the most outrageous and bone-chilling footage of "bombed" trains and buildings. The Berlin Kidz, consisting of pixação writers, urban climbers, train surfers and parkour runners, was one of the most famous (or infamous, if you're a German property-owner) urban exploring graffiti crews in Europe, with Paradox a most prominent member.

Paradox x CPT.OLF 16-19 presents a selection of photographs and videos, which provide a new look at the work and practice of one of the most notorious people active on the streets of Berlin. With Paradox's "balls of steel" and Capt.Olf's high-quality photo and video technology, this presentation represents a milestone in urban photography.

In addition, the exhibition marks the release of CPT.OLF 16-19 - The Book, published by Urban Spree Books and released in a limited edition of 500 copies, available here.