Street Art

Converse Blank Canvas: Futura in New York

July 19, 2016

Futura showcases his iconic 'Skyfall" style in NYC for the latest installment in the Converse Blank Canvas series.

"Many artists are described as influential, but few earn the moniker of innovator. For decades now, and even generations, FUTURA has been regarded as hero and creative genius of the worldwide graffiti movement in terms of both style and redefining the boundaries of where and what graffiti art can be. From abstraction to characters, subtlety to the purely iconic name, FUTURA, the NYC-born and based artist has, for 40 years, been a prominent voice in both the street and contemporary art worlds, and has there ever been a better street name?" —From the August, 2016 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine.


Each month Juxtapoz teams up with Converse and a collection of artists in specific cities to create a special Blank Canvas project that appears on the back of our printed magazine each month. Watch videos, browse photos, and follow the project here.