Street Art

Conor Harrington's New Mural in Paris

April 06, 2017

Conor Harrington recently spent a week in Paris working on a massive new mural for the ongoing Street Art 13 project curated by Galerie Itinerrance. Joining an impressive lineup of 22 international artists that include Tristan Eaton, Faile, Invader, Inti, Shepard Fairey, Btoy and Roa, the Irish artist just finished his piece the on an eight story building at 85 Boulevard Vincent Auriol in Paris.

Photography by Lionel Belluteau

Successfully transferring his painterly technique to such massive scale, Harrington's visual language added extra tension and dynamics to the finished work. Inspired by the climate of the upcoming French presidential election, as well as general world politics, the raw subject matter is hidden behind the innocent and pleasant pink background. Purposely not showing whether it shows confrontation or friendly greeting, the image represents two sides of to every story or duplicity, historically omnipresent in the world of politics and an ongoing theme in his recent body of work. —Sasha Bogojev