Shepard Fairey and D*Face just finished these 21-story tower murals at the iconic Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, curated by Justkids, in partnership with Life is Beautiful Festival.  
A week after the historic demonstration of the “We the people” series, Fairey, accompanied by his team, arrived first on site to start the project with no vertigo in their system nor chill in their blood and went at it for six days enduring some unexpected cold weather. “This kind of work is very physical and pretty exhausting but it’s also very rewarding to see a piece on that scale come together.” said Shepard Fairey. This mastered art of proportion invite the spectator not only to awe at the “Cultivate Harmony” piece, but also imagine the risk of its creation. 
D*Face’s “Behind Closed Doors” is his fifth mural in Las Vegas, the result is a frightened Lichtenstein imagery revamped in a perfect twisted style. The two largest murals ever painted in the city complement each other, and the rising ornamental yet political hopeful Shepard Fairey responds on a conflicted turning point in America's history. - Enriqueta Arias