Street Art

C215 "Back to Black" @ Stolenspace Gallery, London

Feb 07, 2014 - Mar 02, 2014Stolenspace Gallery, London

There is no question that C215 is one of the most unique and accomplished stencil artists working today, who had dedicated himself to both getting stencils on the streets of Europe as well as developing a gallery career. "Back to Black" is C215's first show at Stolenspace in London, and our friend Butterfly shot some photos from the opening... 

From the gallery: C215 has masterfully created work using a restricted colour palette within his exquisite stencilled images. Spray painted on his usual array of foraged materials, artworks are presented on recycled objects such as folders, luggage and tins.

For this show titled, 'Back to Black,' C215 has drawn inspiration from his travels and the cities of Europe, for which he refers to as 'an addiction' and 'a magnet' to street artists of the world over. The work he has produced seeks to reflect upon the experiences he has been met with on his excursions.