Street Art

Banksy Announces He Will Take Part in Art the Arms Fair

September 11, 2017

Banksy just announced that he will contribute to the Art the Arms Fair, an exhibition coinciding with the DSEI Arms Fair that will be held from September 12—15, 2017 in London. The idea of this event is to make the world's biggest arms fair visible, and getting a contribution from the elusive artist is surely helping the cause.

Civilian Drone Strike
is a mix of his familiar imagery and styles— stenciled drones seen at the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, flying over a child-like drawing showing a kid and a pet next to an exploding house. By making the explosion and the drones look realistic, while leaving the characters as playful doodles, the artist emphasizes the terror that weapons create. Art the Arms Fair will include an art exhibition and auction, performance art, spoken word events as well as comedy and DJ performances all in effort to draw as much attention as possible to the 1600 arms companies exhibiting at the fair, including delegations from countries with highly suspect human rights records and the deadly results of the arms industry. —Sasha Bogojev