Street Art

Audrey Kawasaki's "Bloom" Mural in Miami

December 09, 2016

As a part of this year's FearLess project by Wynwood Walls, Audrey Kawasaki painted her 5th mural for Art Basel week in Miami. Over the course of five days, Kawasaki painted a terrace wall of The Hotel of South Beach in the heart of Miami Beach.

Photos by Sasha Bogojev

Using a carefully picked color palette, Kawasaki created a lovely image titled "Bloom" that perfectly matches the lush environment of the hotel terrace as well as blends with the colors and architecture of the iconic art deco district. The image depicts one of her signature female characters, beautifully rendered through light strokes and soft grey skin tones. With luscious meaning and big eyes the beautiful lady is holding a bouquet of blooming pink and purple flowers which is where the title of the mural is coming from. Mixing realistic parts for the character and flat imagery for the rest of the image, Audrey created a lovely imagery that follows her recognizable visual language. —Sasha Bogojev