Street Art

Aryz Paints A Large Drawing-Like Mural in Manresa, Catalunya

August 07, 2018

About a month ago, past Juxtapoz cover artist Aryz painted his most recent mural in the old town of Manresa, Catalunya, continuing his ongoing series that is following his current studio works. Using slightly different, more vibrant color palette, one of our favorite muralists created this striking piece that is fully constructed with rich and purposeful brushwork.

Color-wise, the mural is a reflection on his older, more colorful works that will be presented in his upcoming self-funded book Outdoors. As seen in the sketch he exclusively shared with us, the finished image is an extension of his efforts to create large-scale works that replicate the effect of his color drawings. Depicting a vintage boxer striking a pose, the finished piece is proudly revealing the elaborate brush or roller strokes, both the successful and the "wrong" ones. Through such an approach, it seems that Aryz is aiming to step away from perfect, decorative murals that are regularly gracing facades worldwide, in hope to connect muralism closer to intuitive drawing and studio practice.

In order to keep the sketch atmosphere of the piece, the main character is further deconstructed into pieces, creating somewhat of a visual glitch that follows the unconventional background. Constructed from seemingly abstract shapes, the background creates an unusual space and perspective effect, cleverly using the negative space, or the background color, as a brush stroke as well. Although not often focused on hiding messages inside his work, it seems like the placement of an angry man raising a fist towards "Banco Espanol De Credito" isn't a coincidence. —Sasha Bogojev