Morocco's capital, Rabat, recently hosted the 2nd edition of their successful "Jidar - Toiles de Rue" festival (Canvases of the Street). This year's event invited international artists from Greece, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Mexico and Morocco, producing 12 new large public artworks throughout the City of Lights.

Out of all the pieces created between the 21st and 30th of April, our favorites are the murals by Aryz, Liqen and Low Bros. The German art bros created another signature piece that consists of their digital based imagery which blends perfectly in its new surrounding. Using an 80s aesthetic and only colors that can be found in the neighborhood, Low Bros painted this effective composition showing their signature wolf characters stacked inside strict and sharp frame.

Inspired by the local culture and tradition, and especially cuisine, former Juxtapoz cover artist, Aryz painted this large still life composition. Using pastel colors and painterly approach to creating it, he once again showed his constant need to explore and play with concepts and imagery, always completing a striking, recognizable work.

His fellow countryman Liqen produced successful surrealistic piece on the side of a bustling road, giving a social commentary of the modern world. Showing a female and male characters walking past, unaware of each other, the artist replaced their heads with smartphones and digital gadgets, suggesting the social alienation and disconnection. Using subtle details like USB finger, smartphone with handcuffs or wall patterned flag, Liqen's piece points at the downsides of human and technological progress.

Sasha Bogojev