Street Art

Aryz Continues to Push the Boundaries of Muralism with "Disparagement" in Denmark

October 19, 2017

Past cover artist Aryz (January 2013 to be exact) recently spent some time in Naestved, Denmark, working on a new mural titled Menyspreu / Menosprecio (Disparagement). Battling unfortunate weather conditions, the Catalan artist successfully wrapped up yet another exceptional public artwork, once again reinventing and challenging his style and aesthetics.

Over the years Aryz has proven to be one of the most innovative and creative artists actively working in the public space. Never settling for the same imagery or composition, he is on the constant quest for to push the boundaries of his talent and vision. 

Working on a multi-segment structure, he constructed this unique composition depicting an anonymous character performing some sort of an act with a red ball. Dressed in a vintage costume and shown in sequences with a colorful pattern behind, the finished piece evokes the aesthetic of vintage circus posters. The central part of the mural is depicting a hand playing with the same object, which is cleverly playing with scale and perspective of the entire intervention, especially in the context of structure's configuration. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of the central piece against the side images is referring to the title of the piece, implying a negative way of presenting someone. Battling heavy rain that washed off his paint on daily basis, Aryz turned this disruption into his gain, adding the decay effect to the overall vintage feel of the finished mural. —Sasha Bogojev