Aryz recently spent some time in Heerlen in the south of The Netherlands, working on a new piece for Heerlen Murals project. Curated by Raenys Martis, this program aims to breath a new life to the former industrial center of the region that has been battling problems of unemployment in the recent years, and this particular work was created for the "Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt" (There is more than meets the eye) part of it.

The Spanish artist has been known for using different imagery or visual languages in his work, and constantly trying new ideas and combining different concepts. For this piece he decided to go with a mix of abstract elements and a still life, a deteriorating machine. Using a limited color palette and not much more than a brush and roller, he has once again shown his aspiration to create large size works that transfer the spontaneity of sketch and drawing as the most direct and genuine form of visual expression. Inspired by the industrial heritage of the area, Aryz chose the iconic image of Ford Model T as the main subject of the piece. Symbolizing the industrial revolution as well as the dependence on fossil fuels, this image was a great choice for the former mining area. Though not shown in the mural itself, the artist also wanted to address the nature of consumerism and the fact that Henry Ford doubled the minimum wage in 1914 so the workers could afford the very product they where producing. Showing it decaying as an organic being among the floral motifs and abstract linear elements, he managed to represent the rise and fall of industry which the locals experienced during their lives. —Sasha Bogojev