We will be bringing the Juxtapoz Clubhouse to Denver, CO where Shepard Fairey, PichiAvo, Cryptik, Smithe, Add Fuel, and other artists will participate in the 9th annual Crush Walls festival!

The Crush Walls festival in Denver, CO has been taking art to the streets from its inception, spotlighting local and international makers and acting as a catalyst for creative expression and collective gatherings. This year's edition will once again embody ‘Where Art is Made’, embracing more than ever the groundbreaking spirit of Denver’s RiNo Art District. Crush Walls 2018 will be connecting both east and west sides of this unique art district, curating immersive experiences, showcasing awe-inspiring talent, uniting people through creativity, and offering a standout opportunity for everyone to experience the arts. In addition to a large roster of local artists, Shepard FaireyPichiAvoCryptik, PoniSmitheAdd Fuel, Nomad Clan, Roadsworth, Jaune, and Laurence Vallieres will be participating in the festival.

As part of the festivities, we will be bringing the Juxtapoz Clubhouse with a specially-curated group of artists during the week-long celebration! Join us and New Belgium for the Crush Walls Opening Party on September 4th, from 7PM to 10PM.

Stay tuned for artist interviews, photos, and more coverage of Crush Walls 2018!

For more information about the festival and linup, visit crushwallsartists2018.com