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Announcing: Nuart 2014 kicks off September 6, 2014

August 11, 2014

As we love to do each year, we are heading off to one of the world's premier public and street art festivals, Nuart, and we are very excited today to show the launch video for Nuart 2014. In early September 2014, a group of the world's leading street artists will be in the city of Stavanger, Norway, working within the city and around the city, creating installations, all the while we discuss the changing landscape of street art and public art around the world (Nuart Plus). We get smart, the artists make us smarter, and its one of the great festivals each year that we take part in. The Festival opens on September 6, 2014

Artists included this year are: Andreco (IT) Borondo (ES) Dotdotdot (NO) Etam Cru (PL) Fra.Biancoshock (IT) Icy & Sot (IR) John Fekner (US) Leval (FR) M-City (PL) Martin whatson (NO) Mathieu Tremblin (FR) SPY (ES) Strike (EN) Tilt (FR) ± Maismenos ± (PT)

This is how the Nuart Plus program goes down:

This year’s Nuart Plus program will tackle the two ends of the street art-continuum, namely “safe murals” on the one hand and street art and activism on the other. While activism was an essential part of the early street art scene, we have over the last decade or so seen a gradual gravitation towards council- and sponsor approved safe murals as the dominant form of street art. Is this a development we should embrace as a natural development of the scene, or should it be vigorously contested? Do artists approach street art differently if they are doing legal, versus illegal work? Do artworks that are perceived as unsanctioned engage the viewer in a different way than art that are perceived as sanctioned? Are safe-murals and activist street art complements where the development of one reinforce the other, or are they substitutes that repress one another?

Over three days, the Nuart Plus-program will dig into these- and other exiting questions related to muralism, activism, and the tension between the two. By doing so, we hope to stimulate both audience and participants to reflect around which end of the continuum we believe street art should gravitate towards in the future, or if the scene really need to gravitate anywhere at all.

Announcing: Nuart 2014 kicks off September 6, 2014

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