Fans of Ana Barriga's plasticine practice are in for a treat when her ‘ceramicalistic’ visuals are blown up to scale in Barcelona for the latest project at B-Murals Gallery. To close out the massive collective exhibition, Tapia, the Cádiz-born artist painted her fifth mural to date in the La Sagrera neighborhood.

The project, curated by Axel Void, introduces 24 figurative and 'Neo-Muralism' painters in a series of murals around Barcelona, showcasing the artists who transcend classical techniques to create big outdoor paintings that comment on society and everyday life. Following the work of Jofre Oliveras, Fafa Marquez, Pollo7 and Emilio Cerezo, Barriga elevates her studio practiceinto a wider environment and sphere.

Inspired by little found treasures, Barriga models the mural after a sculpture found in Madrid’s historic El Rastro flea market. Rendered with characteristically energetic brushstrokes, Barriga captures the glossy surface of her prized objects resurrecting their symbols and stories. In creating a new narrative for a familiar object, she playfully connects a red ring between the quintessential  Dutch boy and girl leaning in for a kiss. Dressed in authentic dancing costumes, these traditional porcelain Delft blue souvenirs are affectionately spoofed and saluted with Barriga's characteristic trash-pop aesthetic, creating a whole new appreciation for a most romantic icon of the Netherlands. Sasha Bogojev

Photo credit Álex Puig Ros & Fer Alcalá