Street Art

Ampparito Paints All The Ideas For a Single Wall At Once

June 08, 2018

One of our favorite creatives working in the public domain these days, young Spanish artist Ampparito recently created work for his upcoming exhibition at the Street Art Museum in St Petersburg, Russia. Calling the piece "one of the most awkward" ones he has done, the artist also considers it to be a milestone work for him and something that will set the course of his works in the future.

Taking a significantly different approach to both planning and researching the image for his intervention, the Madrid-based artist ended up painting a huge scale icon of an actual folder from his computer's desktop. While the unusual image might seem simple or even banal, the reasoning behind it makes it obvious that his street work is actually just an end result of a much deeper and conceptual cognitive process.

For a long time, Ampparito has been developing pieces that speak about how different points of views or individual background, beliefs, childhoods, values, country or culture can affect the way we perceive things. Intrigued by the idea how tyrants can become heroes and vice versa, he concluded that, "every person has their own truth, and when some people with the same truth gather or live together, that becomes the reality." With that in mind, he proposed that myths, religions and science are just different ways to face the world. And trust in either of them is the key. In his studies, understanding and seeing the world the same way as a lot of people do means having the same faith, a trust in the same source of information. And following that idea, he decided not to paint any of the actual concepts created for the exhibition,  instead deciding on a radical conceptual turn in his approach.

"I thought it would be more accurate to take a screenshot of the folder where all the sketches texts and ideas were in. If you believe that or not it's just matter of your faith," Ampparito concluded.
text by Sasha Bogojev