Street Art

Amandalynn and Carly Ealey kick off KAABOO Del Mar & Pangeaseed Seawalls

July 15, 2016

The festival happens September 16-18, but muralists Amandalynn and Carly Ealey already got the party started with a new ocean-themed mural in Encinitas because, as if KAABOO wasn't enough, they are launching the new San Diego location for PangeaSeed's Sea Walls, a mural festival focusing on climate change that happens in different places around the world. Two mural festivals and an arts and culture extravaganza all at once means there will be lots of new, massive artwork going up in San Diego this summer and fall, so check it out if you find yourself in SoCal, or make a special trip for the occassion. Catch live mural painting by heavy hitters including Askew, Caratoes, 1010, Aaron Li-Hill, Tatiana Suarez, Jet Martinez, Ian Ross and Kamea Hadar. 

Video by Zane Meyer

Photos by Austin Novy