Oakland-born and based artist Alicia McCarthy and her team recently completed a massive color wave composition mural at the 8-story wall overlooking Civic Center BART station on Market and 7th Street in San Francisco. Measuring nearly 100 foot by 100 foot, this is the biggest piece that the artist or any of her assistants ever had a chance of working on.

Created from straight lines of dimmed colors against the black background, the piece is a notebook example of urban rustic style developed and nurtured by McCarthy and a group of her contemporaries. Having such an iconic piece in such large scale at such a prominent location in the city certainly proves the relevance and importance of the artist what the art world recognizes as "The Mission School". With two giant platforms, gallons of paint, and lots of logistics, the artist and her team developed a system to complete a large-scale replica of her common studio compositions. Although appearing perfect from a distance, just like her studio work, the work reveals its hand-made charm when examined from up close. 

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thank you alex kopps for this @gothic_dolphins

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This newly painted landmark monument to the renowned underground art movement was made possible by Luggage Store gallery, continuing their ongoing mural activity in the central Market Street area. After working with McCarthy and other Bay Area artists since the early days, gallery's co-founder Darryl Smith found the location and helped the artist secure funding through Sara & Evan Williams Foundation and the San Francisco Mayor's Office. —Sasha Bogojev

Photos by Halopigg (finished) & Ryan Garshell (process)